Happy Monday! Another week and another day at home under quarantine. Since I have so much more time on my hands, I have been getting the chance to listen to a ton of new music. This is a direct follow up to my Music You Need To Hear! - My Top Picks For Spring 2019 that I put together pretty much exactly a year ago which you should totally check out. I think that I'm going to continue doing this every year as I think its cool to go back and see what I was listening to around the same time each year. Here's my current favorite music that I'm currently loving right now!

Man (single) - JoJo 
I have been a LONG time fan of JoJo ever since the Baby Its You and Leave (Get Out) days. (Currently reminiscing of her songs playing over and over again on Radio Disney, lol.) Her sound has changed a little since then as she is now more R&B than pop which I love. The album isn't out until May 1st and I cannot wait to listen in its entirety. Fun fact: I was supposed to go to her concert in May, but due to a little virus called COVID-19, its been postponed until November so that sucks but I'm still so excited and can't wait to finally see her live!

Finally, finally, FINALLY Sam Hunt has released a new album after 5.5 years. I actually can't believe its been that long but it has and while I love the album, I have to say that I was a little disappointed that it wasn't an entirely new album in my opinion. If you ask me, songs like Body Like A Backroad, Drinkin' Too Much and Downtowns Dead shouldn't have been on it since they were technically released a long time ago, in 2017 and 2018. Besides that (personal) issue and the 3 singles that already came out, I already knew 6 of the 12 songs on the album! Was just kind of wishing that we got more [new] songs and a longer album. But other that all of my personal gripes, I love this album and its been on repeat since it was released.

After Hours -The Weeknd
I was never a huge fan of The Weeknd, not that I didn't like him but I just never listened to his music. During quarantine, I've been taking it upon myself to listen to different albums and decided to listen and surprisingly really like it! My favorites are Scared to Live and Heartless.

Lady Like - Ingrid Andress
Ingrid Andress is a newcomer to country music and when her song More Hearts Like Mine came out, I fell in love with it. Since I loved that song so much, I decided to give the full album a listen and it was great listen. Just like the Sam Hunt album, I wish this one was longer too as it only has 8 songs! 

 The Wire (single) - Patrick Droney
Hands down my favorite thing about Patrick Droney is his voice! He released an EP back in 2018 and then this single earlier this year and I am dying waiting for him to put out a full length album! 

Renderings Vol. 1 - Matt Wertz
 Matt Wertz is another artist that I have been a long time fan of. I have to admit that I haven't really been listening to his newer material all that much, I just love the old songs so much! I saw that he put out an acoustic album of some of his popular songs and immediately downloaded. Sweetness in Starlight gives me all the feels its such a goooood song!

Fine Line - Harry Styles

THIS ALBUM! Ok, so I know this album came out late last year, so its not technically a new album. I'm telling you, quarantine has me discovering new loves! I am completely obsessed with this and have had it on repeat for days! I never thought that I would love a Harry Styles album, lol! 

What are you all listening to right now?


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