Happy Monday! Another week and another day at home under quarantine. Since I have so much more time on my hands, I have been getting the chance to listen to a ton of new music. This is a direct follow up to my Music You Need To Hear! - My Top Picks For Spring 2019 that I put together pretty much exactly a year ago which you should totally check out. I think that I'm going to continue doing this every year as I think its cool to go back and see what I was listening to around the same time each year. Here's my current favorite music that I'm currently loving right now!

Well, I have officially entered my third week of quarantine. (I'm positive some people have been inside for a little longer, but for me, it's only been three weeks so far.) Even though this virus is a serious thing, it has unfortunately gotten the majority of people in an unnecessary panic. I've successfully stayed clear of not letting it affect me like that, as my fave doctor Doctor Mike always says, "Stay alert, not anxious." 
On another note, I've got to say, and I know for a fact that I am not alone on this one, the one thing I've been missing the most through all of this is traveling.


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