Travel posts are my absolute favorite and it's been such a long time since my last one. Last April, I went to Dallas, Texas and I have to say, Dallas is hands down my favorite city in the U.S. 

Since Dallas isn't a walkable city (at least for us and the places that we wanted to go) we had to rent a vehicle to get around. We ended up renting a Jeep Wrangler and I know this will be against popular opinion (idc) but I'm not a huge Wrangler fan. Regardless, it did the job to get us around for the weekend, lol.

The first night, we ended up driving to downtown and walking around exploring the city for a little while. 

We came across the Giant Eyeball, a 30 ft tall eye sculpture in Dallas which is a big attraction Downtown so we had to see it. It's located in the garden of the Joule Hotel.

One of my favorite place that we visited in Dallas was The Rustic in Uptown.  

Definitely the highlight of Dallas was going to Southfork Ranch. Its actually located about 45 minutes outside of Dallas in Parker, Texas. I was completely obsessed with the show Dallas (both the old and new versions.) Should probably add that I'm still not over the fact that the new Dallas only had three seasons and then was cancelled before we even found out if Christopher survived the car explosion!! I'll never get over that... But to actually visit where both shows took place was so cool. Fun fact, we took a tour of Southfork and it was revealed that pretty much just the exterior shots were filmed in Dallas while the interiors were filmed in LA.  

Bobby, Sue Ellen and the iconic J.R. Ewing.

Me and J.R. :p

There was horseback riding at Southfork which I loved!! We rode on horses with a group around the property.

This is the horse that I rode :) He was so cute! His name was Joe, haha.

We had brunch at Bread Winners in Uptown and the food was so good.

We stayed in the Bishop Arts district and in walking distance from the Airbnb was Emporium Pies. If you love deserts this is definitely a spot that you need to check out.

My second favorite activity was going to DFW Gun Range. I have to say that I was a little nervous to shoot a gun first the first time, but once we went through the training and actually got started it was so fun! I definitely want to do it again. 


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