Whenever I shop, I always look for places where I could get the best deals and most importantly how I could get the best deals. I've started shopping and buying only items that are on sale or have a deal attached to them. In order to help me find the best deals and discounts there are, I have four go-to apps that I use to help me save the most money:

There was a time a while back where I didn't enter an actual store for a few weeks and I blame it on this app! In a good way, of course, lol.  I would order anything from essential items to a few groceries through the Jet app. The best thing about Jet and what I love the most is that the more items you add to your cart, the less you pay for each item. You literally watch the price drop! Another great thing about Jet is you only have to spend $35 in order to get free shipping!

Ibotta offers cash back on purchases you buy at a wide range of stores and online. Its super easy to use as well! All you have to do is unlocked any item that you're interested in purchasing by watching a short video and then when you buy the item, take a picture of the receipt within the app and the savings will be added to your account. I never shop anywhere without checking this app first to see what items I could save money by buying.

My favorite feature in Groupon is the Groupon + Deals where you could attach your debit/credit card to a deal at a store and when you use that specific card at the store, the cash back is automatically added to your account. The discounts on Groupon are unreal, its crazy the amount of money you could save. The Deal of the Day(s) are always over 50% off of the original price. 

If you're a Target addict like me, then you must have a RedCard and you also must use Cartwheel. Cartwheel is now integrated into the Target app so I love that everything is now in one place. I never make a Target run unless I check out what is on sale or the deals through Cartwheel. I have saved so much money using the app and my RedCard since you automatically get 5% off every order online and purchases in store.

What apps do you use to save you money while shopping? Let me know!


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