I use Pinterest for a lot of things: From fashion inspirations, celebrity style, hairstyles, food, iPhone wallpapers, nail design inspirations and many more.

Another thing that I have recently loved using Pinterest for is music. I love music and I'm sure everyone else does as well. But many times, I find myself getting bored of my current music catalog on Apple Music, not knowing what to listen to next. And this is where Pinterest comes in. I've discovered that you could look up hundreds of pre-made playlists on Pinterest! Did anyone else already know about this?? There are playlists curated for everything from working out, songs to make you happy and there's even a playlist dedicated to songs that will help you fall asleep!

I've compiled a list of my top favorite playlists I've come across and love listening to that I've added to my music library:

To see a ton more of my favorite playlists, check out my Soundtrack To Your Life pin board on Pinterest! Which one is your favorite playlist? Have you created one yourself? Let me know!


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