1. See the next total eclipse (April 8, 2024).
2. Move into my own apartment.
3. Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.
4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
5. Road trip the West Coast.
6. CMA Fest in Nashville, TN.
7. Travel to an exotic location. 
8. Attend the Stagecoach Music Festival.
9. Go camping.
10. Attend the World Series.
11. Attend the Super Bowl.
12. Take a cooking class.
13. Move abroad.
14. Travel to the Grand Canyon.
15. Pay off student debt.
16. Visit all 50 states. 
17. Go horseback riding. 
18. Take a painting class.
19. Go to Las Vegas.
20. Start exercising regularly.
21. Go fishing. 
22. Have a super fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant.
23. Watch the sun rise.
24. Perfect one go-to meal and recipe.
25. Buy a Crockpot. 
26. Develop a healthy sleep routine.
27. Go to Disney Land.
28. Visit Mount Rushmore.
29. Snowboard in Salt Lake City. 
30. Learn to drive a stick shift.

It took me a few days to put this list together, but here it is. It is in no particular order but it's all I want to accomplish before 30. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently turned 24, so I only have 6 more years! I've seen a lot of lists like these from others and I believe making these are great way to face fears, accomplish long time goals, do activities you've always wanted to do and more. Putting a time stamp on it is a way of finally saying "I'm gonna go out and do something that excites me."

Do you have anything that is on my list on yours? Let me know! Plus, what's your top goal you want to accomplish before you're 30? Comment below! 


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