I use Pinterest for a lot of things: From fashion inspirations, celebrity style, hairstyles, food, iPhone wallpapers, nail design inspirations and many more.

Another thing that I have recently loved using Pinterest for is music. I love music and I'm sure everyone else does as well. But many times, I find myself getting bored of my current music catalog on Apple Music, not knowing what to listen to next. And this is where Pinterest comes in. I've discovered that you could look up hundreds of pre-made playlists on Pinterest! Did anyone else already know about this?? There are playlists curated for everything from working out, songs to make you happy and there's even a playlist dedicated to songs that will help you fall asleep!

I've compiled a list of my top favorite playlists I've come across and love listening to that I've added to my music library:

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There are only FOUR days left of 2017!! To help end the year right, some of my favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle sites are offering amazing end of year deals ensuring that you're 2018 ready!

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Whenever a special occasion comes up, whether it be a baby shower, wedding, graduation or anything else, that time calls for searching for the perfect gift card to give. For me, I would always just run to the closest store and pick out what I liked the best. Those cards worked well and were nice and all, but what I really was looking for was originality which I was never satisfied with. Guys.... I'm completely obsessed with the gifts cards on Minted! When I say they have gift cards for everything, they have gift cards for EVERYTHING and then some, including home decor, art prints (which you could customize), stationary, and even digital invitations! My favorites are the foil pressed cards that add the perfect amount of glam without overdoing it. This sprinkling foiled pressed stationary paper is a great addition to any desk. A plus is that its real gold foil! I love anything monogrammed and personalized and these personalized stationeries are super chic. 

Here are some of the best Minted has to offer!: 

1. See the next total eclipse (April 8, 2024).
2. Move into my own apartment.
3. Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.
4. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
5. Road trip the West Coast.
6. CMA Fest in Nashville, TN.
7. Travel to an exotic location. 
8. Attend the Stagecoach Music Festival.
9. Go camping.
10. Attend the World Series.
11. Attend the Super Bowl.
12. Take a cooking class.
13. Move abroad.
14. Travel to the Grand Canyon.
15. Pay off student debt.

Happy Saturday! I can't believe there is only two full weeks left of 2017! That's actually CRAZY. Something else that's crazy is that I turned 24 yesterday! To me that just sounds so odd to say, lol!  But with another year gone by, it's that time of the year again that everyone is planning their goals for 2018. I'm no different as I'm also planning new goals for the new year. I've gotten into the habit of doing this for the past few years now, and I've been able to stick to my yearly goals and accomplish them... big pat on the back for me! 2018 is going to be no different so I'm already planning away.

While compiling my list, I thought of new things I wanted to take on and also goals I have already begun in 2017 that I want to build upon. Here are my personal and blogging goals I plan to accomplish in 2018:

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SURPRISE! Bonus blog post this week!  But this was too good not to share! If you're a fan of The Bachelorette like me, (also SUPER excited for the January 1st premiere of The Bachelor!)  then you have to check out Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher's  "Jojo Pack" Pura Vida bracelets! They are super cute and plus you'll also get free shipping! If you're ordering for the holidays, you'll have to place your order by TOMORROW DEC. 15th in order for it to arrive in time!

Thought I might also add that while you're shopping on Pura Vida, you should also take a second and join Pura Vida's monthly club! Whats cools about when you join is that exclusively just for members, you will get 3 limited edition stylish bracelets every month and free shipping! They are perfect for everyday wear!

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A little over a month ago I mentioned a hiking trip that I took in my Cabin in the Woods post. Well, I never expanded on that trip, so now I want to tell you guys all about my first hiking experience.

I was brand spanking new to hiking and being that I never hiked before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew it would be an hours long workout so I definitely felt the need to prepare myself for that starting with making sure my feet were comfortable! There would have been nothing worse than wearing the wrong pair of shoes which would have only made the hike miserable. I found these really comfortable hiking boots and when I tried them on, I knew they'd be perfect! 

Like I mentioned, since I never hiked before I needed to make sure that I selected a mountain that was easy to moderate for a novice hiker. While researching, I came across www.alltrails.com. The website made it easy to pick a trail based on difficulty and location. After cutting down my top picks to 3 possible mountains, I chose Sleeping Beauty mountain. Sleeping Beauty is located in the Fort Ann area of New York State close to Lake George. What made this trail perfect was that it wasn't too long, but it also wasn't too short either. It's also rated #1 of 179 trails in the Adirondack Park. Its about a 7 mile round trip hike, not including the 1.5 mile walk to the trail head. The Sleeping Beauty trail is a loop trail which means that the trail is a big "circle" that ends where you begin.

Whenever I shop, I always look for places where I could get the best deals and most importantly how I could get the best deals. I've started shopping and buying only items that are on sale or have a deal attached to them. In order to help me find the best deals and discounts there are, I have four go-to apps that I use to help me save the most money:

There was a time a while back where I didn't enter an actual store for a few weeks and I blame it on this app! In a good way, of course, lol.  I would order anything from essential items to a few groceries through the Jet app. The best thing about Jet and what I love the most is that the more items you add to your cart, the less you pay for each item. You literally watch the price drop! Another great thing about Jet is you only have to spend $35 in order to get free shipping!

I wanted to make this blog post as a follow up to my Top 10 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes When You're Feeling Down post last week. This time, for all my baseball lovers out there, these are my absolute favorite baseball quotes. Its funny how a sport that many people think "is just a game" can teach you so much about life. Here are my favorites:

We all have days (or sometimes weeks) when we're not feeling the best, whether it be emotionally, mentally or physically. Being stuck in a rut is no fun for anybody. It's always nice to come across a quote that when you read it, adds a little positivity to your day.

I'm always coming across a ton of motivational and inspirational quotes that I read occasionally for a pick me up. Here is my top 10 favorites:


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