Its finally Fri-YAY!!! Lol... and that can only mean that the weekend is upon us once again. :)  I'll be the first to tell you, I live for the weekends. Nothing makes me happier more than another long work week coming to an end. To my surprise, this week actually went by pretty quickly! I'm super happy about that because tomorrow, I'll be spending my Saturday in Philly! This trip has been pretty long overdue as I was supposed to travel there over Fourth of July weekend but that didn't end up working out. Nonetheless, its finally happening and I'm thrilled to be exploring the city for my first time. My friends and I already have some places to visit in mind, but I'm totally looking forward to visiting Reading Terminal Market. Whenever I heard Philly being talked about, this famous market is always mentioned as one of the places to visit as it is one of the oldest farmers markets in the country.

Traveling to a different city is always the perfect opportunity to do some picture taking of new surroundings. I'm definitely planning on packing my DSLR and taking lots of pictures. Recently, I've been trying to use my DLSR more and not just stick to "iPhonograpy". I've actually always enjoyed photography, but just never always had the time to take pictures of my own. (I'm still working on that.) I already know it's gonna be a fun time and I'll have lots to share come next week! Since we're on the topic of photography, I'll share some of my favorites I've taken over the past few months, both DSLR and iPhone, I'll label which is which:

I took these five photos on my DSLR:

The rest are pictures from my iPhone:

Until next week... Happy Friday!


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