I love traveling and this year, I traveled more than I did in the past 5 years combined! That's actually crazy to me. I took only my 2nd trip out of the country to Montreal, traveled from California to Florida and a few other places in between. My favorite way of traveling is taking little trips throughout the year. For me, I've found that by traveling this way, not only do trips cost less, but it's also easier for my schedule to take long weekends away instead of a week or longer.

My Pinterest travel board has tons of inspiration of different locations throughout the world that I would like to one day visit.

I complied a list of my top places that I want to visit in the near future, divided into cities within the United States and other countries.

**US Cities**

Dallas, Texas
Austin, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts 
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nashville, Tennessee
Seattle, Washington
Miami, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana

**Other Destinations**

Dublin, Ireland
Sydney, Australia 
Barcelona, Spain
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cayman Islands
U.S Virgin Islands

What city or country is on your travel bucket list? And what was your favorite place that you traveled to? Let me know! 


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