Another mascara review... lol. I absolutely LOVE mascara(s). By far, it's my favorite in terms of makeup. You know those quizzes where there are questions like, "If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?" Well, my answer, hands down, no questions asked (have I affirmed that enough?) would be mascara.

A few weeks ago I did a review on the Rimmel Shake It Fresh mascara, (you could read it here), but I wasn't sold on the formula. To me, the consistency was a bit too watery, not my typical preference for mascara. (I also low-key rant in that review on how picky I am when it comes to mascara formulas). They have to be PERFECT. Call my weird or crazy if you want. I know I can't be the only girl who thinks mascara formulas are a sensitive subject, ha! 

After trying the Almay One Coat Multi-Benefit a few months ago, it immediately became one of my faves so of course I needed to try the lengthening version. I'm all for lengthening mascaras since I don't wear fake eye lashes. When using One Coat Extreme Length the first time with only 'one coat', I saw an immediate difference. My lashes seemed to "pop" more. I usually pack on the coats (probably around 6-7, I'm not kidding) but I achieved the same thick/voluminous/lengthy lash look I go for with only 2-3 coats of this one. Also I love how my lashes don't feel hard but they are still soft. I've had some experiences with certain mascaras where they made my lashes hard and I literally though they were going to snap in half! Definitely going to repurchase when this tube is done. I think I found the ultimate winner. ;)

Are you as crazy about mascara as I am? What's your favorite? Let me know!


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