A few years ago, I went through a preppy phrase where I had to have everything monogrammed. Marley Lilly was my obsession and I would be on the site pretty much everyday to see what was new. Recently they had a flash sale so of course I had to check it out. I didn't go crazy this time and I didn't purchase items that I normally would like clothing, monogrammed vests or shoes, but I had to take advantage of the flash sale. I purchased these rings and I had to get this pair of monogrammed (!!) bluetooth headphones:

What I love about these rings is that they are perfectly stackable so it makes them versatile. If I wanted to wear one or all of the rings, there are so many different looks to create.


Why am I just getting on the bluetooth headphone train? To not have to deal with annoying cords is life changing, haha! Big bonus that they are also monogrammed in pepto pink! 

I've also been loving a few other items for the fall season currently on Marley Lilly:


Do you guys shop Marley Lilly, or have you been or are obsessed with monograms like me?


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