A few months ago, over Memorial Day weekend my friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Montreal, QC. It was only my second time traveling outside of the U.S. so I was pretty excited. I love getting to experience new places and cultures and it was amazing to see just how different that was just across the border from New York. We made it a road trip, which for us was about a 6 hour drive. 


We stayed in an Airbnb in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal which was a great location, in the middle of the city and within walking distance of almost everything that we did that weekend.

(View from the Airbnb)

Montreal is a beautiful city and we had a lot of fun exploring. French is the main language and other than "merci", I don't know an ounce of French. It was pretty comforting that a lot of the waiters/waitresses at restaurants and people who worked in the stores spoke some English even though they assumed you spoke French first.

 Now onto the food, my favorite part! The food was what I looked forward to everyday that I was there. We got to try the main dish of Montreal, Poutine, which is fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. (Random Fun Fact: New Jersey has a similar food called 'Disco Fries' which is super popular in diners in the state.) Now my first thought was, "why would you put gravy on French fries??", but when I say it was one of the best foods I had during the trip, I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure I was the only one out of my friends that actually enjoyed it, lol. Breakfast every morning was definitely not an American breakfast. There was a health factor to it, where fruit actually came free with your meal, the food wasn't filled with fat and grease, and the portions aren't huge like they were actually made for two people.

(We hung out here one night)

(A cool record store that we came across)

We took a short drive down to Old Montreal and walk around and explored for a bit.

 We visited the Jean Talon Market, which is one of the popular markets in the city and I decided to take some 'test' shots on my DSLR:

This was pretty random but we were walking one night and came across the most unusual thing in a store window. Its so odd, but I thought it was hilarious, lol. 

Montreal is such an artsy city and one of the things that I loved about getting to walk around Montreal is that there is artwork and murals all over. These are the ones I thought were the coolest:

Do you have a favorite destination for a long weekend? Let me know!


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