One of my all time favorite things to do is to travel. I love traveling and getting to experience new places. The process of booking hotels, air, or a car nowadays have been made so simple. It takes nothing more than a few steps. There are even apps to tell you what to do when you get to your destination.We all know there are hundreds of apps out there that can help us to do all of these things, and we all have our preferences, but I've listed my favorites. I have personally used all apps before to make hotel reservations, book cars and also to find the best restaurants and activities in the area.

                                                                    1) Uber
I'm positive you'd find Uber on anyone's list of best travel apps as everyone and their mother uses it. It's the best form of traveling other than your own car and super easy to request. I have not only used it while traveling, but frequently use it locally as well.

2) Yelp 
Yelp is probably my favorite app that I use while traveling to find good restaurants. I once went through a phase that I had to write a review of any and every place that I went, good or bad. That phase has passed, lol. I love using this app so much that again, I don't only use it traveling but also locally.

3) Avis
My #1 for making car reservations. My recommendation when using a car rental service is to pick one and stick with it. Most car reserving company's like Avis (Hertz, Enterprise, Budget and others included) often have reward memberships where the more times you rent a car through the same company, you could get discounted prices for future reservations.

This may be an app that fewer people may know about. Even I came across it by happenstance. What I like about is that you could search any city and it will give you the top hotels, top restaurants, top nightlife (a must), events going on in the city that week, the top things to do and more. What makes it fun is that in the app, you could work your way up to being an "expert" traveler in a city by creating postcards and writing reviews collecting badges along the way. You begin as a scout and the more review and postcards that you create, the more points you gain.

Booking is mainly for making hotel reservations but they offer some of the best deals for the top hotels in the area in which you are staying. This is the app I used when booking a hotel earlier this year in Long Beach, California.

6) Apple Maps
The majority of people that I know seem to prefer Google Maps, but not me. I'm a firm supporter that Apple Maps is better than Google, especially with the newest update. I love the little additions made to the maps when you are on an active trip such as the speed limit (because that's always good to know) and even letting you know which lane you need to be in for an upcoming exit. I don't only use Apple Maps for directions but also take advantage of the "around me" to find close by food and gas etc.

7) TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is more of a one-stop shop which is what makes it so great.  Its pretty much Yelp,, combined and then some. Every part of travel can be booked through the app and like Booking, offers the best deals not only on hotels but also on flights.


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