Raise your hand (or give this post a like!) if you're obsessed with cats like I am! 

Meet Max :) He's been in my family for about 3 years now, going on 4. The story of how he became part of the family is definitely a unique one. 

I have a little sister that is pretty much obsessed with animals. A few years ago, she was walking home from school and saw smalls kittens on the sidewalk outside of a store. One of the store workers said she could have a kitten if she wanted it and being the animal obsessed kid that she is, she picked him up and brought him home and he became Max! 

Before we got him, my family never cared to have pets but its funny how having a pet can completely change your life! I couldn't imagine not having him around!

Now let the kitty photo shoot commence!

Do you have any pets? Let me know!

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