If you're like me, you're always looking through Pinterest for organization and planning tips and have a pinboard entirely dedicated to staying organized.

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do, from organizing my closet, to even my iPhone home screen, lol.

There are many different ways to help with organizing and planning. I used to be a heavy user of my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and carried it everywhere. I consistently used it for a whole year but as time went on, I came to realize that I don't necessarily like carrying around a big planner. Now, every organizing and planning tool that I use is app based which for me, makes it so much easier since everything is on my phone. I'll share with you all my top two apps for staying organized.


In my calendar, I keep track of all bill payments and events that are happening. I also have a separate blogging calendar I created where I plan out which blog posts I'll be doing each day that integrates into my personal calendar. I have to say only within the last few months have I become a fan of the Apple Calendars app again. I had stopped using it a while ago because there used to be no Google Calendars integration. Now, I love the app because I know that whenever I update my Google calendar online, it will automatically sync to the calendar on my phone.

Google Keep

I love Google Keep because it's basically an all-in-one app that combines the features of Apple's stock Notes and Reminders app and then some. You could take regular notes, create notes with drawings or images, make lists and set reminders all within Keep. I use this app the most for my to-do lists and to jot down anything else I need to remember. It has a cool feature where you could pin your most important notes to the top so you don't forget them. I also love that scheduling reminders works with Google Calendar.

Now some personal tips on organizing and planning! I have honestly incorporated these tips into my life and they've been nothing but helpful. Really and truly, they just make life easier!

  1. Put things back as soon as you're finished using them. Making this a habit will make you less likely to forget where you put something. Plus, you'll never have to dedicate time to put a bunch of things back where they belong all at once. 
  2. Use a calendar. I didn't always use a calendar in the past so I don't know how I remembered  any important dates and events before! I'll admit I've actually forgotten about some events because I didn't have it written down anywhere! A calendar is the ultimate way to organize and plan.
  3. To-Do Lists. I didn't realize how much I make to-do lists until recently. I have a ton of lists  saved in my Google Keep varying from blog related to-do's, personal lists, and even my Target shopping lists. 

Want more organizing and planning tips? I came across "27 Great Tips to Keep Your Life Organized" and found even more tips that I will incorporate into my life! 

What apps do you use to stay organized? If you use a physical planner, which one do you use? Let me know! 


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