I love music. I listen to so many styles of music that there are 32 different genres in my Apple Music. Yes, 32. Music is good for the soul, like chicken soup. (Big high five if you get that reference!) But one genre that will always have a special place in me is country music. Country music is where the stories are told and I love a good story. October saw the release of a lot of new music from some of my favorite country artists. Below are my top 5 of the month I want to share with you:

Southern Girl City Lights - Jessie James Decker 

I've been a fan of Jessie James Decker since she was just Jessie James, the first time ever seeing her when her music video for 'Wanted' came on CMT. Its still kind of hard for me to believe that 'Southern Girl City Lights' is ONLY her 2nd full length album since she's been around for such a long time though putting out music in between. But the wait has been worth while.

Favorite song(s) - Fall in Love, Almost Over You feat. Randy Houser & Flip My Hair (Flip My Hair only available from Target)

Diane (Single) - Cam 
I love Cam (and her curls) so much that as soon as her 2015 'Untamed' album came out, I wanted more new music. And that day is finally here!!  Diane is so catchy and there is something about Cam that I find so different from any country artist that I can't put my finger on. I'll let you know when you can :)

Live In No Shoes Nations - Kenny Chesney
Nothing gets me more than live music (hence my love of concerts) so when Kenny Chesney released a new LIVE album this past Friday, boy was I excited. Live albums have always been the coolest to me as it makes me feel like I'm there singing right along with everyone else. This album is packed with so many hits, covers and guest appearances its hard not to be a fan. I mean, who wouldn't want to be apart of No Shoes Nation?

Favorite song(s) - Big Star feat. Taylor Swift & Boston

Losing Sleep - Chris Young
Chris Young's voice is just... [insert heart eyes emoji here]. Its hard not to love his soulful country voice combined with the lyrics and melodies of the album. (Sidenote: I'm listening right now!)

Favorite song(s) - Hangin' On,  Losing Sleep, Leave Me Wanting More

Yours, - Russell Dickerson
Another album I've long awaited for. When the single "Yours" was first released on his EP last year, I was OBSESSED... no joke. Finally, Russell Dickerson put out a full length album this month and its been on repeat.

Favorite song(s) - Billions & Yours (of course)


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